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Gsm Auto Dialer V2

Gsm Auto Dialer V2


Autodialer (version 2) is the compact version of Autodialer (version 1) which could fit in to your palm. This module is designed keeping in mind the need for space and light weight of such an alert system without sacrificing its quality. All the menu options can be configured via SMS which eliminates the need for a separate display and a keypad. Alert call is initiated automatically when the module senses any intrusion and alert message will be played in the call when the call is answered.

Key Benefits

  • Size and weight of this module makes this stand out among other security systems available in the market.
  • Dedicated record button is provided so the user can record their alert message with ease.
  • High Gain Low Noise microphone is provided which records user message and suppresses the environment noise to negligible level.
  • Alert message can be recorded to a maximum of 30 seconds.
  • Up to five numbers can be configured to which call will be established when there is an alert.
  • Siren can be configured via SMS which determines whether the siren should be turned ON or OFF during alert.
  • The module is energy efficient and consumes very little power as low as 1.3 mA and operates on 12 V.
  • as 1.3 mA and operates on 12 V.