Gsm Auto Dialerv V1


Autodialer is an automatic smart security locking system which alert the user when there is an unauthorized entry via siren and by initiating calls to configured numbers and the alert message will also be played if the call is answered.

Key Benefits

  • Autodialer is equipped with a 16*2 liquid crystal display (LCD) and 4*3 keypad which enables user input.
  • Up to ten phone numbers can be configured.
  • Each number can be made active or isolated, an isolated number is omitted from call initiation during alert.
  • Separate menu named as DISPLAY NUMBERS is provided enables the user to view all the configured number along with its activity status without having to press scroll down key again and again.
  • During alert, alert calls will be initiated to the configured numbers and also call status will be displayed in the LCD for each number.
  • When the call is answered pre-recorded alert message will be played in the call.
  • Users can customize the alert message to be played during alert.
  • To record message dedicated high gain Low noise microphone is provided in the module.
  • Message can be recorded up to a maximum of 30 seconds.
  • Siren can be either turned on or off during alert which depends on the user configuration.
  • The system has a low power mode which reduces significant amount of power consumption when there is a shortage of power and goes back to normal state automatically when significant amount of power is available.
  • Alert can be triggered in two different ways either normally open or normally closed which can be configured by the user.