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Gsm Shutter Security

Gsm Shutter Security


Shutter lock is a Low power security system which uses shutter sensor to detect unauthorized entry and sends alert message via SMS and initiates alert call to configured numbers during alert and working of the module is completely customizable.

Key Benefits

  • All the menu options are configured via SMS.
  • Up to 5 numbers can be configured.
  • Alert mode has three options namely SMS mode, CALL mode and SMS and CALL mode which can be configured by the user via SMS.
  • Siren will be turned on during alert and the period for which siren should be blown can be configured by the user.
  • Alert can be turned off at any time by the authorized user either via SMS or a CALL.
  • Module has provision to check the balance of the SIM card in the module.
  • Module has various LEDs which indicates the current status of the module.
  • Maximum of two shutter sensors can be connected to the module.
  • The module comes with a durable metal cover which adds physical stability to the system.
  • The module is energy efficient and consumes very little power as low as 1.3 mA and operates on 12 V.