“Last Two Years from 2017; the company has engaged with different customers  on embedded product development, developed 7 products for Security Electronics, IOT and Automotive electronics which are in production and 6 products are in development stage.”

Our Offering

  • E2E Product Development from Concept to Production
  • Embedded HW / Prototype
  • Embedded SW
  • HW/SW Integration
  • Functional/HIL Validation
E2E Embedded Product Development (IOT)
  • Modelling & V&V
  • MCAL Driver Development
  • Middleware Development
  • Application SW Development
Embedded SW
  • Development of CI Build Machine
  • CI Deployments
  • Operating the CI Build Engine
  • System Triage
Independent V&V
  • SW Unit Testing
  • SW Component Testing
  • SW Integration Testing
  • SW Functional / HIL Testing
Continuous Integration & Verification
  • Software Auto Fix using
  • ML Techniques
  • Creation of Training Sets
  • Natural Language Processing
AI/Machine Learning